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The Foundry's Mischief By Ko Maruyama Here's my 4 minute review after a first look at the software. Seriously - in 2 minutes, you'll be comfortable with the software. Why? Because it just does one thing - sketching. This is what it was meant to do. And it is RIDICULOUSLY FAST. ...Read More »
Under New Management By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia In legacy versions of Final Cut Pro you had to set scratch disks to manage where your video data and cache files would be stored. And you were limited to twelve drives at any one time. Final Cut Pro X makes it easier to specify where your video and project files are stored, automatically saving your Events and Projects in the Movies folder by default. But have no fear, your Events and Projects can be stored on any drive connected to your Mac, and you can easily move existing Events and Projects between drives when needed to keep your stories organized. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro X Favorite Things By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia Final Cut Pro X introduced a lot of new tools, features and interface elements that take some getting used to, because they don't necessarily work the way they did in legacy FCP. So how do you go about preserving those selections of desirable clip segments you've spent valuable time marking for editing, in a persistent manner? In this tutorial, we'll show you that marking clips as Favorites, may become one of your favorite things. ...Read More »
Recovering Data on Your Mac By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Recovering data from your Mac can be quite difficult once the Trash folder is emptied. In many cases, getting back personal files on your Mac may result in only a partial recovery of your files and folders if you don't take the correct steps. ...Read More »
Motion 3 Level 1: Understanding keyframe and behavior animations By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers the difference between animating with keyframes, and animating with behaviors. He launches a project that has both keyframe and behavioral animations to show how to work both ways. ...Read More »
Create an animated ad with Motion templates By David Basulto Have you ever created content and wanted to get some viral marketing going? Maybe it's a new how-to dvd? A new CD for your buddy's rock band? Getting an ad on youtube.com or revver.com is easy and an extremely cost efficient way to reach potential customers. . . it's free. ...Read More »
Keying options for Motion 3 By David Basulto Recently I had a project that had a ton of green screen shots in it. I edited in Final Cut Pro and really wanted to see if doing all the work in Final Cut Studio was doable for me because I am so used to exporting to After Effects to do all my keying. This time I would bring the footage into Motion. ...Read More »
Baking in Motion 3 By David Basulto It is time to bake groups in Motion 3. When you ?bake in Motion 3 you are essentially rendering files that you may be done with in your layers. Since Motion 3 projects can be very deep with layers consisting of effects, particles, filters, video and more, baking will help you save on CPU speed and memory. Baking will make all of us who crave our CPU speed much happier. ...Read More »
Make Your Projects "DANCE" With Motion 3's Audio Behaviors By Kevin McAuliffe I've been an editor/motion graphics artist/compositor for a long time, and when I started out, I performed just one job, that of editor. I jumped into After Effects at version 3.1 (yes, that long ago!), and I primarily started using it because there were things that After Effects could do that the Media Composer could not do (obviously). ...Read More »
Adding and Animating Text in Motion 3 By David Basulto The more I use Apples Motion 3 the more I enjoy its powers. I just completed a Motion 3 project that required some information displayed in text. With a few clicks I was able to produce some really fun animations. From the customization ability Motion 3 offers to the applications constant dynamic updating make this one program to look into for amazing text animations. ...Read More »
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